Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Now where did I leave off?

So last time I was here, I discussed my impending birthday, which was a blast, by the way!!!  We went out on the 26th of March and bowled our little hearts out.

Saturday I awoke with a fierce hangover which was to be expected. As the day wore on I began to feel like my now 28 year old self again. As night fell I begin to feel what I thought was the hangover returning for a little "eff you Mara, your not getting rid of me that easy" second round, but it actually turned out to be was me getting sick as a dog, just in time for my actual birthday on the Sunday.

I had DUH...Duh...duhhhhhh...Bronchitis!!! Are you freaking kidding me?

But there is a light at the end of this dark and gloomy and sicky tunnel...I was able to stay home from work, watch all the HBO TV my little heart desired and my wonderful hubby got to wait on me hand and foot! I actually didn't want to get better, but can you really blame me for it? However, getting better is what I did and just in time to fine tune the Surprise party plans I was making for the hubby's 30th Birthday. Which just happened this past weekend and it was amazing to say the least. We actually got the party sponsored by Carlsberg beer, meaning they donated 5 cases in exchange for pictures featuring people partying and drinking their beer,  Those 5 cases aided in the quest to get around 30 people good and drunk and the band Finger Eleven (who's good friends with my hubby's best friend) even stopped by to wish him a happy birthday. It was awesome and he really felt loved, which is all I could ask for.
 The Office reference
Hubby taking a picture with Scott Anderson, the lead singer of Finger Eleven
Now, my lovelies...I'm finally ready to make my blog top priority again, after everything is now out of the way and my focus is, er...re-focused.

Its good to be back.