Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Betsy Johnson Spring 2010

Ever since I started watching Fashion Television with Jennie Becker I remember seeing Betsy Johnson there. I remember going shopping when I was younger in the states and thought how cool it was when I came across a Betsy Johnson store. I always thought to myself, I want to own something from there and now I do, since she has become way more accessible to the masses (I own a heart shaped belt that I'm sure will make an appearance on this here blog). But, enough about me, this is about her. There is something about her that I have always gravitated towards. She doesn't take shit too seriously, she seems the type of gal who will always show you a good time and maybe most importantly her clothes reek with FUN. A girl who wears Betsy is a fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants kinda girl. Completely the opposite of a Type A personality. I guess you could say a girl like yours truly.  I know she's not breaking down barriers with her shows, she is not revolutionizing fashion, she's being herself. Something she has never lost in all her years doing what she does best.

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  1. the first picture reminds me of a modern day antionette marie!

  2. Love the blog!!


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