Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The headband saga continues....

and its a happy ending...
I could have opted for a more classy look but I thought against it when I saw this one.

I love that it matches nothing and everything at the same time.

I "matched" it with a boyfriend blazer found at value village for $12 and a gray/silver sequenced long shirt from H & M for $24, finished it off with some skinnies and a pair of black flats and VOILA!

(not the most flattering picture, but its all I had) 

Oh yeah, the best part is that the headpiece only cost me $5.80 from forever 21, which in my humble opinion is the place to get fun accessories of all types without spending boatloads.

that just happened...all over your face.


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  1. i was totally obsessed with headband trend. i got really inspired by the whole blair from gossip girl trend.oh n i love ur new blog!


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