Friday, December 18, 2009


Im not the skinniest girl in the world. In fact, Im what they might consider overweight by today's fashion standards. Thats why it is ever so important for me to flatter my good bits and keep my not-so-good bits underwraps. Hence the oversized sweaters. Though they might do the opposite effect by making me look bulky up top, they do wonders for hiding my badonkadonk. if you catch what Im throwing at you.

Being Canadian and constantly freezing, I need these sweaters at my disposal.

I want to thank hubby for getting this particular oversized sweater a while back at a vintage store in Toronto.

And just let it happen...all over your body.


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  2. I totally hear you on the oversized sweater hiding not-so-good-bits. I really like using them to justify super short hemlines or tiny cut offs over tights. A bulky sweater making my top amorphous kind of makes me feel like showing some leg is not to skanky. that is a stunning sweater by the way :)

    Fashion X

  3. Hey! thank you for commenting at my blog, I just wanted to ask; if you are that girl at the second picture.. yes right? 'Cause than you are not overweight at all you look really pretty. and Oh it doesn't matter that you couldn't help me, I'll guess I'll leave it like this.

    xxx Birgit

  4. i love the knit that you are wearing, its so cute!

  5. That looks like an amazing and comfy sweater. I need one of those!!

    Seriously, cold and canada go together. I am freezing right now and the wind outside just sounds scary.
    Showing my support for the Canadian bloggers :D


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