Monday, November 30, 2009

Black Friday

Im all about the bar-goon (as my father in law says it). I really get off on finding something of quality and paying next to nothing for it. I don't like cheap shit, I like shit cheap... I just wanted to clarify.  I did not have a chance to go over the boarder to do some shopping this black Friday because 1. I find it masochistic to wait hours on end just to get allowed back into your own country and 2. because I don't need anything that badly and 3. because you can find ridiculous deals if you just take the time to look right here in your local mall.  

I found this navy blue bubble skirt on the clearance rack at one of my favourite stores Joe Fresh:

For $10!! Now I realize the bubble skirts might be a thing of the past, but I figure if you like it and it looks presentable who cares what the rules are, right?

I paired it a white shirt,  another cheap find  from Anne Taylor (which from this picture looks way to baggy on me, but you get the idea) from my trip to Florida last year which was like $11 US and a gold necklace my sis bought me for my birthday last year = FREE

What I love about the skirt most is the colour, as I don't have many things in blue and the pockets.  Pockets are fantastic. This outfit makes going to work a little more fun and a little less work-y. which makes me happy. 

I did have a chance to venture across the boarder a couple of weeks ago when an opportunity presented itself. At first I found it challenging to find anything of quality and then I saw this:

A perfect work dress that is both comfortable and flattering. and guess what? there are pockets! I bought it at off the 5th (i think that is what its called). Originally priced at $200 and change I got it for $50. Awesome. 

and there you have it folks cheap quality finds. what I live for when I shop. 




  1. Oh I love that chain necklace, very pretty!


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