Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fuschia is the new black

Yes its winter out. Yes I want to curl up in a little ball until the sun shines again. But that doesn't mean we should dress as such. Went out for a girlfriends birthday this past weekend and saw a perfect oppurtunity to wear this party dress, that adds a little colour to the bleak winter months.

I don't know what it is, but when I put this dress on it just makes everything seem better, and this Betsy Johnston belt ain't so bad either. 

Here's to looking forward to spring my friends. 



  1. I love your dress
    i always mean to comment back on your page! haha
    you would like it,
    my name is actualy Ta-mara but people call me Mara :)

    oh i also like your belt!

  2. i love that fusia color! i feel so wierd wearing bright colors since it looks so horrrible outside, but you really make me want to step out of my usual black and gray.

  3. Fushia ia the perfect color to get out of a winter funk. That dress is so pretty and that belt is way too cute!

    Great blog and thank you so much for stopping by mine. So glad I could come and check you girls out! :)



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