Monday, February 15, 2010

How we spent our Valentines Weekend!

This is huge for us! Our closet size was laughable so we bit the bullet and went to IKEA and bought ourselves a beast of a wardrobe.

Isn't it pretty!

Now we are no longer forced to have 4 shirts to a hanger anymore, let alone share a 4 foot closet between the two of us!!

Even better is the fact that I have more room to buy new clothes!
Its a dream come true I tell you!

Disclaimer: I would not recommend assembling furniture from IKEA with your significant other on Valentines Day as it might result in being the most unromantic way to spend the special day.



  1. It's my first time on your blog, and I absolutely LOVE it! True about the furniture -- I spent an anniversary with my then-boyfriend putting together an armoire, and it was the most boring day of my life.
    Can't wait for more :)
    xxoo Josie

  2. I love that closet! I need one..

  3. im all in for making room for new clothes!

  4. Lovely closet!



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