Monday, February 1, 2010

Grammies? Is that how much coke you need to stay awake through em? LooOOOOOOoooong!

Quoted from twitter by the ever so funny and off side Russel Brand (Katy Perry's fiance).  

Yes the grammy's are long, (there is no need for the show to be 3 1/2 hours long) (maybe take out all the country shit and then we'll have a show!) (no offense to anyone who likes country, just my opinion) but who's watching for the awards anyway? its all about the fashion man. and shit does lady gaga know how to make a statement or what? 

before I get to the my opinions on best and worst dressed, I just wanted to side note a bit about gaga's performance and gaga herself. I watched her on Oprah a bit ago and before I saw this interview I thought the way she was was because thats the way she is, if that makes sense. then it came to light that all she does, every costume she puts on, every theatrical performance she shows is all for a purpose. to send a message to the masses, telling a story about truths and lies that she believes needs to be brought to everyone's attention. she is a walking, talking fabulous work of art. so for those who hate gaga (I know quite a few) take a second to realize that she is more then a car crash that can't be looked away from, she is artistically telling a story that needs to be told. Wow, I'm dramatic this monday morning, aren't I? blah blah blah, loved her performance a lot. 

Also, Pink's performance was spectacular. seriously one of the coolest performance I have seen on the grammy's stage ever! and, amazing, wonderful and all that, but she has a copious amount of kick ass songs, did she have to do her rendition of Alanis Morrisettes You Outta Know to fill in some time? I don't know I thought it was weird and unnecessary. 
Okay back to whats important. Judging others. 

So I might be getting hate mail for this one but I really didn't like Beyonce's dress. I get the concept, sure. clevage-very nice, but the sleeves just ruined it for me. I mean, I wish she went either sleeveless,  or at the very least capped sleeves, if necessary, but not that length, not that length at all. 
but then again she can wear a paperbag and still look amazing. (not sure why Im hating on Beyonce, goes to show that if you are the best, you expect the best, I guess she just fell short for me this time around) 

Now I don't know why exactly, but I loved Katy Perry's dress, not her usual style of course, but I loved how from the front it was a very simplistic silouette but when she turned to the side her dress becomes a little more taboo. Side Cleve! (might be the best kind of cleve, in my humble opinion) and low backs makes for an awesome dress. 

Can't really see it here, but trust me I saw it with my own two eyes...
but for me, someone that encapsulated the way one should dress at the grammy's was (drum role please)

Heidi Klum!! someone who has nothing to do with the music industry except for marrying into it. 

I mean, lets face it, the grammy's aren't the Oscars, so I don't think the flowing long gowns are really necessary nor relevant at this type of award show, so leave it to Mrs. Seal here to combine the elegance of a long flow-y gown with the fun-ness of a shorter length gown. I'm rambling now.  and again check out the cleve!!!!! For someone who lacks in that department I sure like to talk about them/stare at them. Yikes.

and thats alls i gots to say about 'dem dresses, ya hear.

Im in a silly mood today.


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