Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mark Fast

Do not get me wrong, I love the fact that Mark Fast is becoming known for using "Plus Size" models in his runway shows. It makes someone like myself who hasn't fit into a size 0 since birth feel good about themselves, which is hard to achieve after watching a runway show no matter who you are, so I applaud Mark Fast for his efforts. 

With that being said, one would think that if you were going to go ahead and use bigger girls in your shows you would do whatever it took to show the audience and the disbelievers that they look just as good, if not better then the skinny bitches models normally used, so as to promote the use of heavier girls to model the designs in more runway shows so that people like myself that don't fit into sample sizes can watch these shows and want to buy the clothes that these designers are trying to sell (run on sentence I know, but Im trying to make a point here...)

So my point?

Seriously Mark! Im not a designer, nor a runway model, but I know for a FACT that showing undergarment lines is a big NO NO for the runway, (or for anywhere for that matter) but as you can see from the photo above that wasn't even thought about when you put this plus size model in a dress not for a plus size model. duh.
To me, it would have made much more sense, and might have even flattered her figure, if she wore something like this:

Now my point... point is, there are clothing styles that certain people can't pull off, big or small, it really doesn't matter. You can't expect to fit a plus size model in a "tube dress" and have it look the way you want it to look. So next time you want to advocate the use of bigger girls on the runway (of which I applaud) PLEASE make sure  a) the clothes flatter the model so as to accentuate the fuller figure, not make a mockery of it and b) make sure no panty lines are showing!!

Follow these simple yet effective rules and we have ourselves a deal!
Got it? Good.



  1. This just looks like poor planning! Crazy. If you know you're going to have a size 10 model in the show, make a size 10 dress for her. It's not rocket science!

  2. I am a strong believer in "it doesn't matter what size you are, it's how you dress it". I hear your point above loud and clear. It almost makes a mockery of the whole "plus sized" world. There is a certain romaticization of using a plus sized model in your show. It makes you current. It makes you look like you think outside the box. It makes you look dare I say...human. Maybe Mark Fast did it to give the other nay sayers the big metaphorical finger...But that being said...It failed miserably.

    GREAT post! It got me all emo'ed up! ;)

  3. I totally agree with you. I applaud plus size models on the runway, but PLEASE dress them appropriatly. Make them look just as death drop gorgeous as the skinny bitches on the show.

  4. I totally agree, I'm not the slimmest of girls and I wouldn't wear a dress that tight.

    Love vanilla

  5. when i first saw that picture of crystal renn i thought the same things. i meant those under garment lines are horrible! who let her walk out on the runway looking like that?

  6. Agree, agree, agree. The top photo is just unfortunate. I applaud Mr. Fast, but he has to style his models well and try to flatter them, especially if he wants real women to want his clothes.
    xxoo Josie

  7. Yikes. I can't believe he would even allow the outfit in that first photo to be showcased that way. I mean, not only does it look horrible on the model, but it's a terrible reflection of his work. That is definitely not a flattering dress for someone who is not a complete stick. What a shame.

    Great post!

  8. agree. when i first saw it, i was very proud of him to use plus size models..but the look he sent her down the runway with was just not made her looked like a stuffed sausage when she absolutely didn't have to..well, maybe hes trying to embrace completely this whole new plus size modeling trend even that means showing undergarments lines??

    btw great blog!

  9. using curvy model is a great idea, but i really agree with you in the term of the proper dressing. he should make designs that suits the shape of the body.
    great review, too. i really enjoy it!

  10. although the first omdel is plus size, if you look at her face she looks sickly... and that is a HORRIBLE dress. He should go back to design school.

  11. You're so right! It's a shame they didn't dress her body properly because she's so much more beautiful than that skinny twig model!

  12. Are you seriously calling her plus-size?!


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