Monday, February 22, 2010

I got more layers than an onion...

Actually, no I don't. With me, what you see is what you get.  I'm a pretty simple chick, a pretty low maintenance simple chick. I like what I like and I'm okay with that. I'm also okay with layering (weird segway I know)... as seen on a few of the runways at NYFW.

It has inspired me to explore this trend within the confines of my own closet. Because not only am I a simple chick, Im frugal (some would say cheap!) as well, and can't bring myself to buy the massive amount of clothes I yearn for on a day to day basis. So here I am trying my best to interpret what I see in a way that makes sense for me. and hopefully looks good.
You be the judge....

I thought the first major snowfall deserved its own photo shoot.  

PS: Yes, I am 27 years old and wearing an I Love Vampires T- shirt 
(it was $5 at walmart...couldn't resist)

PPS: No, I am not ashamed. 



  1. Love these photos and your interpretation is so fun!!


  2. aww your snow pictures are so cute,
    thank you for the kind words :)
    you are too sweet!

  3. Layering is fun ... you did it so well!

  4. FIRST snowfall?? Man, I'm waiting for the remnants of the (hopefully) last one to disappear :) Nice layers by the way :)

  5. interesting post, and lovely photos :)

  6. Love your interpretation! :) Great blog, I'm going to follow

    Love vanilla


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